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1• No shoes on the mat.

2• Bow to all blackbelts on the mat.

3• Please refer to all black belts as "Professor."

4• Respect your training partners.

5• Maintain good personal hygiene (Wear deodorant, trim finger & toe nails, clean GI/ no-GI attire must be worn at all times).

6• No foul language on the mat.

7• No intentional belching or passing gas.

8• Absolutely no training when ill (cold, skin infection: ringworm, staph, any other bacterial infection).

9• Wear your appropriate belt level and uniform must be worn properly (No sagging gi pants.)

10• Absolutely no training or rolling shirtless.

11• Absolutely no changing on the mat.(Restroom Code Women: 1801 ON, Men: 2801 ON)

12• No eating (food or gum) or drinking on the mat.

13• Try to maintain a positive attitude on the mat (Remember you are here to learn. Your ego should be left off the mat).

For any questions or concerns, please email us at

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